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To diving lovers Šolta offers a peculiar underwater life and unforgettable experience for beginners and those more advanced. The professional team of diving center Leomar will take care of your safety while you enjoy the beauty of corals, gorgonians, fish and lobster, or explore some of the locations of sunken ships carefree. Even a boat ride to attractive diving locations provides spectacular view of the turquoise oasis in the southern bays of Šolta.

Locations interesting for underwater exploration:

The wreck of the fishing boat "Fisherman" was sunk on the north side of the island of Šolta, by Stomorska at the position Pelegrin, lies at a depth of 20 meters and is suitable for all categories of divers.

By the cape of bay Livka there is a gallery with a vertical wall and a cave at 35 m. At the bottom of the cave is an ancient anchor. With good visibility, it is possible to capture this underwater beauty with camera.

10616299 792904810771521 7885763084584075385 nJorija represents a wall with a large cave with its entrance at 15 m, while its ceiling ends by the surface. The location is suitable for beginners due to the low depth of diving, and the spacious cave location is suitable for diving training in caves.

Location Pyramids is located in the bay of Travna. From the western cape of the cove southwards are 6 underwater, pyramidal peaks. The first peak is at 25 m while the other at 35 m depth. The bases are at depths ranging from 34 to 56 m. Visibility is excellent, and the location is recommended for advanced divers.

Vela Ploča represents a wall that begins at 6 meters depth and ends at 45 m, with gorgonians and lobsters. Due to the low depth it is suitable even for beginners.

Sipuja is located in the bay Stracinska. It represents an underwater wall that starts at 25 m depth with its base at 45 m. The wall is full of holes, crevices, canyons and gorgonians so suited to colonization by numerous fish species. It is recommended to underwater cameramen of advanced training.

Marie Grota is located at a depth of 6 m. It consists of the entrance to a cave which descends vertically to a depth of 25 m where the exit from the cave is located. After leaving the cave, diving is continued along the wall that goes up to 40 m depth. The location is suitable for underwater photo - video capture.



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