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Solta is full of preserved natural beauty and historical monuments, and thanks to the diligent hands of its people it has plenty of top quality local products.

Want to discover a number of hidden and hard to reach bays?

Trails and paths on Solta are marked by road signs, the walk is in some part comfortable and in others it can be a real adventure.

You are fascinated by the clarity and purity of the sea and want to discover the secrets of the underwater world?

So dive in – you can go snorkeling or join one of two diving schools.

You are aware that the Roman emperor Diocletian in Solta built his mansion and pond and you’d like to know more?

Get a tour of the island in a small group led by a professional tour guide.

We are proud and happy to be a part of the beautiful Dalmatia. Privileged central position of Solta between coast that is abundant in historical monuments in cities such as Split and Trogir, famous national parks, and mountains, and enchanting islands, allows this island to offer its guests an excellent and versatile vacation. Discover and experience it with us or by yourself!

Solta is known for producing gold medal winning olive oils and premium wine every year .........

We will bring you in contact with their manufacturers.

You appreciate the fresh fruit and vegetables from local production?

We'll tell you where you can get it.

You want sporting challenges and activities?

How about a tennis match, bike tours, walking or tracking - tour, climbing cliffs, kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving…?

You’d like to have fun in a group?

Rent a mountain bike or an electric bicycle and explore the island!

You could also take a boat trip and navigate to the hidden, barely accessible bays on the south side of the island, or go to neighboring islands. Maybe on the way you get visited and greeted by dolphins.

Why not take a trip with or without a guide by the UNESCO-protected Trogir and Split?

You might fall in love with this island, just as we did!

We will be happy to find you accommodation that will render you the holiday you prefer, or real estate - terrain, flat, or a house that will be a step towards freedom and independence - just to suit your needs and wishes, in this paradise on earth in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Drop by our office, ask for info!

And until you visit this beautiful island in the spring, summer, or fall you can read about Solta: