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Only Nečujam has a specious pebble beach. Maslinica, Rogač, and Stomorska have local pebble beaches for up to fifty people ( if guests do not lie on each other ), while the other beaches on the island of Solta are more hidden, intimate places, one might say family beaches. Otherwise, almost the entire coastline along the coastal villages is suitable for sunbathing on the rocks or concrete plateaus and for swimming.










Small beaches like this one in Rogač, which is one of the many beaches of this kind on the island, will certainly be attractive to all couples in love but also anyone who is not a fan of mass bathing and " fight " for a place by the sea. This precisely makes Solta such an interesting tourist destination - if you do not find a place on a beach, walk a little further and you will find your peace on the next one.


One thing is for sure, wherever you choose to settle, by going into the water you can be sure that you're entering into one of the cleanest and most beautiful seas in the world - our priceless treasure, the Adriatic Sea!