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dobričić wine



When thinking of a vacation, does a glass of wine overlooking the blue sea and the waves sound like an irresistible invitation? And while you're here on the island and drink wine, is it not even better knowing that it's the same wine made from autochthonous grape varieties? It is an traditional wine varieties 'Dobričić' which by many characteristics is unique to Dalmatia. Where there is wine there is also food therefore it is no wonder that Šoltais a little gastronomic temple of Mediterranean flavors. Let your palate enjoy the various flavors of Dalmatian cuisine.






Restaurants and family farms offer dishes prepared in the traditional way or ones based on tradition, but adapted to modern culinary principles. Family farms have gone a step further in creativity producing delicious pate of olives, salted and stuffed olives that are served with the meal along with the anchovies. On Sundays and Thursdays you can taste and buy many of local hand made products  at the fair of association Šoltanski trudi in Maslinica.




If you spend your vacation on the island of Šolta you must try freshly grilled fish prepared in one of the island's restaurants accompanied by the softness of homemade bread. The flavor is incredible and you'll probably wonder why it is different and better right here? The secret is in the local olive oil, which is highly valued product for the entire country and beyond, because of its taste, quality and healing properties.

Did you know that Solta is except for wine, Mediterranean specialties, and olive oil also famous for its honey? During the Solta of wild rosemary, locally called Olinto, valued from ancient times. So do not miss to taste it, hear more about it and see firsthand the process of honey production. Learn more at




Come on Šolta and indulge in its delicacies. Get to know Šolta by all senses and we are sure that it will stay engraved in your memory. Visit, taste, select Šolta and relax with a superb olive oil and wine, salted fish, anchovies, fresh fish revived by honey and surprise authentic delicacies of figs, almonds, and carob.



 Restaurants and Taverns Šolti: 




1. Restoran Šampjer

2. Konoba Gajeta

3. Šakajet- food & wine

4. Restoran Martinis Marchi

5.Konoba Šešula +385 91 557 5927

6. Konoba Moni +385 21 659 112




1. Konoba Momčin dvor


1. Restoran – Pizzeria Pasarela 


1. Restoran & Lounge bar Paris

2. Konoba Mareta

3. Punta kavana                                                                             

Gornje Selo:                                                               

1.Konoba Štandarac 


1.Pizzeria Volat +385 658 028

2. Bistro O'La La

3. Konoba Nevera

4. Konoba - pizzeria Turanj

5. Restoran Komin