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Šolta is very well connected to the mainland so you can reach us by plane, by bus, by car, ferry or catamaran. There are several ferry and catamaran lines a day from the ferry port of Split to the ferry port of Šolta Rogac. If you arrive by car or motorcycle you definitely have to use the ferry to the island of Šolta since the catamaran just for travelers without a car.

Yoan get to Šolta by ferries of company Jadrolinija and catamaran of company Linijska Naionalna Plovidba (LNP). The journey lasts for 1 hour by ferry and 30 minutes by catamaran. Timetable for the ferry can be found at and one can also buy tickets online. For the timetable of catamaran visit Tickets for the ferry and catamaran can be purchased in the ferry port of Split where the main building of Jadrolinije is located and at the port Rogač.

Transportation on the island is provided by company Promet with two buses that follow the arrivals and departures of ferries and catamarans. One is the line that goes from Rogač to Stomorska and the other from Rogač to Maslinica. Ticket price is 12 HRK. Bus schedule can be found at

For the taxi on the island call: +385 91 573 9893

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In the summer Split airport (SPU)  is very well connected to almost all the European countries directly or via Zagreb. Split Airport is located 25 km from the port. From the airport you can use the bus after each flight to get to the ferry port, or hire a taxi.
For even faster and easier arrival, whether you need transportation from Split airport, "hop" to the nearby islands or visit the cities on the mainland, transfers by fast boats are available from 0-24.





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Split is very well connected to all major cities in Croatia and abroad. The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned and with this mode of travel you can experience a beautiful view of the Adriatic highway. Split bus terminal is next to the ferry port. From and to all cities in Croatia there are several lines a day. 

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Modern highways makes traveling by car pleasant choice and if you choose to travel via Adriatic highway you will not regret it. A spectacular panorama during the trip will leave you breathless. In both cases, there are many resorts and restaurants for a break from traveling.
Split is connected to Zagreb by a modern highway with taking toll. The distance is about 380 km and exit for Split is a place Dugopolje from which you take the road through Solin to Split.
If you choose the state road D1, direction is Zagreb - Karlovac - Plitvice - Knin - Rijeka - Split. The toll is free of charge, except for the section of highway Zagreb-Karlovac. Take exit 25 Dugopolje if you are coming from Dubrovnik.


- When driving from October to March headlights are obligatory even during the day.
- The permitted level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 parts per thousand.

Assistance on the road: +385 (0)1 987

Traffic conditionsu: +385 (0)1 4640800

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