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 Natural Features of Šolta 



Šolta is a real undiscovered jewel for those who love nature, and its untamed aspect is the most valuable treasure for today's generations. This is primarily the southern part of the island with its beautiful bays, beaches, cliffs, islets, and reefs.

With its 2,000 hectares of Mediterranean underbrush- community of trees, shrubs and grass, completely preserved and intact, the visitors have the opportunity to breathe the aromatized air and experience ancient Mediterranean, the cradle of civilization.


With underbrush blooming ten months a year, Šolta offers dozens of aromatic and medicinal plants for you to discover. The island is only 19 km long and 4.9 km wide so if you decide to take on this adventure much of the island can be explored on foot or by bicycle.

Centuries of hard work of locals enriched the nature with olive trees, fig, carob, and almond, all ecologically clean and biologically priceless.




The island also hosts a large number of birds, with its 51.9 kilometers square being home to over 100 species of birds. One of those species is owl čuvita that become a trademark and a symbol of recognition for Šolta.

Visitors tired of modern urban life here can experience an unforgettable vacation and only one visit will be enough to make you return often. So book your accommodation today and indulge in an unforgettable adventure and experience the unity of air, land and sea, man and nature.