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Islets in front of Maslinica are like string of pearls in turquoise sea. Saskinja is only a ten minute swim from shore. If you want to spend the day alone, swim or kayak to Saskinja, take off your swimsuit, and spend the day in solitude and peace.


All those seeking activity and adventure will surely enjoy kayak tour of all the islands, which can be rented at our agency in the village center at affordable prices.








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One look at Maslinica from air will surely awaken your imagination. When you close your eyes, try to imagine yourself in one of these beautiful bays. Whether swimming, diving, surfing, simply reading a book in the shade of pine trees, olive groves, or visiting one of the islets of Solta will leave a deep trace in your life, and offer vacation you deserve after a whole year of hard work.










Quiet, windless, starry skies and good company ..... What else is needed to spend a beautiful night, with the sounds of a guitar and a few owl's hooks.