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Magical bays on the south side of the island. Many are accessible only from the sea side, and to reach most of them you have to descend the narrow and steep slopes on foot.

The effort will be well were rewarded by beautiful scenery - trees that descend to the sandy beaches, the solitude and peace, perfectly clear view.

These are all reasons to be adventurous and go searching for these marvelous secrets of the south side!











If you prefer an active vacation, nature walk or exploring the new and the unknown, the agency will offer the services of our local tour guide. A friendly, educated and qualified young girl who was born on the island of Solta and is familiar with the culture, history, narrow roads, and mysteries of the island, will be happy to take you on an unforgettable tour full of interesting information and news. For someone who first visit Solta, but also to all who have once again returned to the island, such experience is priceless.