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The old Šoltan villages in the interior of the island hide treasures of Mediterranean way of living. Among the old and partially collapsed buildings, there are carefully and painstakingly reconstructed properties that connect an ancient way of living with the modern comforts of nowadays.

Several of these fully reconstructed properties are located in the center of the Donje Selo. Alan and Tudor houses are perfect examples of how offer in the old villages can fully measure up to the rest of the rich offers on this beautiful island.


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Carefully and imaginatively landscaped gardens and yards, unique details, luxury apartments, friendly hosts, pleasant walks through the old village streets ... These are all the charms that are ready to be discovered if you decide to visit one of our old villages that have been forgotten until recently, and now are brought back to life with great effort of several diligent village lovers.










Šoltan villages not too far from the beach, and the advantage is that after a full day of swimming and enjoying the summer activities, or a night out at one of the lively places, you return to peace and commode of these amazing luxury accommodations.